Association "Friends of Krakow" non-profit organization based in Krakow was established on the initiative of some residents of Krakow in order to know and appreciate the countless natural and artistic beauty in the region of Malopolska and Krakow in particular. Joining and supporting our mission, you have the opportunity to know and appreciate our territories and know our culture.


Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Europe, the atmosphere is magical and the center of the city turns to walk quietly. It was the capital of Poland until the sixteenth century when it was moved to Warsaw. Today is considered the cultural capital of the country. The magnificent castle of Wawel, the Rynek square market, one of largest in Europe, and the large number of museums and churches that are in well-preserved old town, have done that in 1978 Unesco inserted the old city of Krakow in the World Heritage List. Certainly of great interest, a visit to the Czartoryski Museum where it is stored and you can admire the work of Leonardo "La Dama con l'ermellino", the visit to the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, the ghetto and places where the factory stood Schindler . Moreover, it is always fascinating to walk through the streets of the center always full of people where every house or monument has endless stories to tell.

Near the city you can also visit the salt mine of Wieliczka about 12 km World Heritage Site; Wadowice around 35 km hometown of Pope John Paul II; and also the most famous lagher in the history of Auschwitz / Birkenau at about 60 km.

The few things we have written only a few stars of the firmament infinity which we hope you want to discover with us.


Book „The legends of Cracow”


 These legends illustrate the magical, fascinating history of the city, covering more than one thousand years.

Anyone who wants to know the spirit of Poland should seek it in Kraków.

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